Meditation Techniques

There are many ways to meditate and not every technique works for every person. In this blogpost we'll discuss a couple of techniques that work well for the LWM writers.

1. Object meditation – seated, eyes open.

Object meditation works best in a silent, quiet, and darkened room. The object has to have enough details to keep the mind occupied and focused. Often we use a candle or a crystal. By focusing on the object, you empty your head enough to allow you to focus on a single question and hold it in your mind. When you have your question, you let your mind wander and associate. Try to remember what you see, feel, hear, taste and smell but don't try to steer your thoughts. When you're done you can write down what you experienced and try to find out how it applies to you question.

2. Visualization – lying on a soft surface of seated. Preferably in a darkened and quiet room  or, if your mind needs some help to calm, a CD with sounds related to the place you'd like to go in your mind. Preferably no music. Close your eyes.

Visualization is a form of meditation, or an intro into a meditative state, where you build a living image in your mind with every one of your senses. When it;s build, you move your consciousness into it so you can explore and enjoy. Besides being away from yourself and your life for a little while, this is also a wonderful way to create a place where Gods and Goddesses, totem animals and other spirit folk can come to visit and help.

3. Primal meditation – seated with light movements, in front of a heat source and wrapped in a blanket. Sounds of drums and fire are helpful and if you feel like it you can add your own voice as well. Light candles at a safe distance.

This form of meditation is a shamanistic favorite. In this meditation you try to envision yourself as a primal human. It works best when you meditate next to a real campfire but when you work alone, this can be quiet dangerous. It's better to use a heater or other heat source and put some candles behind it to imitate the flicker of a a campfire.

Wrap a blanket around yourself and sit down. Lean forward a bit so your elbows rest on your legs. This meditation works best with the sounds of fire and drums through earplugs or, when you're with a group, one person drumming.

Imagine yourself in front of a fire, alone, and in the cooling evening air of the African plains. The drums come from your tribe-mates in the distance but you are alone and free to express yourself as you desire. Hum or sing a tune of nonsense works or sounds to the beat of the drum and move if you feel like moving. Keep your eyes closed at all times and go with your emotions. Let everything out.

When you're tired or sense that you are done, come out of the meditation slowly and sit quietly for a while. This meditation is meant to clear and cleanse your mind and heart completely.

Meditation is an art and not easy at all. An effective meditation lasts no more than ten minutes. Should you find it difficult to keep focused while meditating you can try guided meditations. At home you can do this with a CD where a man or woman tells you a story which you can follow to reach a meditative state. This can work wonders when your mind is full!

How do you meditate and do you use other techniques? We would love to hear about it!

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